Cyndi & Teagan & Bering

My Latest Portrait Sculpture: Cyndi & Teagan & Bering

I met Cyndi several years ago during faire in my Shoppe
at the Texas Renaissance Festival.

She and her husband had expressed interest, several times, about having a portrait sculpture done.  Since I had had time during the summer of 2012 to do such a thing, I'd sent her a message telling her so.  She responded favorably!

Within days I had a CD filled with pictures and stories about her, and her dogs and things that meant the world to her.  This is my vision of my friend Cyndi. 


Comprised of five different pieces, including the clay and paper shopping bag, the apple green jacket, the duck, the dog and Cyndi herself; each piece is has been hand crafted by my own hand, without any pre-made molds or manufactured items.   Teagan the dog and Cyndy herself are both sculpted over a wire armature using polymer clay and other mixed media.  She is a one of a kind piece never to be recreated.  She has been SOLD.

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