updated April 1, 2011
Each of the Sculptures pictured is for sale, unless otherwise marked.  If you would like to see more pictures, or get a price list, email me!


~ Paul ~
Paul is one of my very favorite pieces. He is sweet, loving, and kind. His presence brings warmth to your home.
He stands at about 6.5" tall, is a one of a kind piece, fully hand sculpted without the use of any molds or prefabricated items.
He has been sculpted over a wire armature for added durability, and has been adorned with silk flower petals,
and shackle feathers from my pheasant. His hair is natural mohair and he is free standing. 


If you are interested in having Paul come to live with you,
please email me and we'll get him right out to you!


Paul's price is $200 plus shipping and insurance.

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