Gentle Ben

Gentle Ben is a one of a kind OOAK hand sculpted original piece of art by Antoine.
Made of 100% polymer clay, he was created over a wire armature for increased durability.
He stands at approximately six inches tall.

Ben is a long time swamp dweller; one of the first of the
Swampe Fae to arrive at the Swampy Mudpuddle.

He and his family are a wingless group;
having lived there for centuries.

One day about 270 years ago, a tiny little faerie had been
trapped under a falling tree branch during a wind storm.

Ben was the only one around at the time,
and he, alone, lifted the heavy branch to save her life.

He hurt his back when he lifted the branch, and
it is since that time that he walks with his cane.

He is known as a generous and kind soul
who would risk life and injury to help others.

Ben has 34 children, with the ages ranging from 253 years old,
right down to 7 years old.

He remembers each of their names, but has a
hard time remembering each of his 238 grand children's
and his 864 great granchildren's names.

Ben loves to host the family get-togethers at the Swamp.  
He takes great pride in overhearing his offspring talking about the great day when he risked his life to save the tiny little faerie.

That very same faerie who later had become his wife.
Although Ben is alone now (his wife is in a much better place) he still fondly remembers everything about her...

...her great charm, her sweet nature, every line of her face,
what a wonderful mother and wife she was,
and mostly how much she loved him.

And that is why he walks the Swamp shores with such a smile and contented look on his face.

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