So, you came into my shoppe, at one of our festivals and bought some tea.
And, Now you've finished it, and have decided you wanted more.

So, naturally, you visited this website.

As I have said, repeatedly, I am never, ever, going to update this website.

It is just easier for you to eMail me
and let me send you a copy of the current menu!

Once you figure out what you want,
(what you really, really want)

eMail me
to make your order.

...then I get it ready;
you pay me;
and I ship it out.

All by eMail... Simple.

We take PayPal, Venmo, and Debit or Credit, by phone.

Thank you for your patronage. I'm so happy you love our teas!

Seriously - this is it.  I got rid of everything else.

eMail Me