Hobgoblin (Robgoblin, Hobgoblinet):
A kind of nature faerie that is described as being like a very ugly little elf.
It can be helpful and tolerant of humans, but, like all faeries,
is capable of playing mischievous and spiteful pranks.

Lucky, however is a kind natured spirit, whose only fault is betting agains the odds.  You'll often find him in back alleys shooting craps with other fae folk.
Hobgoblins have a bad reputation since the Puritans used their name to refer to wicked Goblin spirits, but they're really sort of friendly. They are helpful at times, but like practical jokes.

Don't annoy them or they can become nasty.

A special word about "hobgoblin", which is not what it seems:

Hob is a name given to a helpful sort of spirit, and so a hobgoblin is quite different from plain, scary goblin.)

Like most faeries, Hobgoblins are fond of tricks, are sometimes dangerous and sometimes are helpful.

Some male hobgoblins called Bauchan (also Bogan) are usually up to evil and capricious acts of wrong-doing. They enjoy tormenting any traveler who is unfortunate enough to cross their paths.
Goblins, cousins of the Brownies


Element : earth

A male dwarf with a squat and distorted form.

Cousin of the Brownie but
ill-tempered and greedy

Lore :
Squats; sometimes houses that he utterly destroys. He especially loves to eat smooth wood like a termite and to torment children.  One of the best ways to get rid of him is to ask the hobgoblin to leave the house and stay out as long as 'the hollies are green'. It will mostly likely take at least two seasons for him to remember that hollies are always green and that he has been tricked. His resulting anger most likely needn't be feared as he will never be able to enter the house again.

He is sculpted from 100% polymer clay, no molds or forms
have been used in his creation. He wears copper jewelry.
His necklace is made of wood, and polymer clay beads.
Only his eyes have been painted, the remainder of this
sculpture has been left the color of the clay. His hair is
hand dyed natural yearling mohair.  His wings are of a
special translucent material that is flexible and posable
and will not break.   He comes complete with dice.

He will be hand signed and dated by me, and
will come with a color print out of the information herein.

Quote :
One wee little Hobgoblin
All dressed up in red,
Was spying on a farmhouse
With mischief in his head.
"this place," said the little Hobgoblin,
"It could be lots of fun,
Everything's so clean and tidy,
And begging to be undone."
So the wee little Hobgoblin
He went to work with glee,
He let the cattle out the gate
And set the piglets free.
He spilled some milk in the kitchen,
And overturned the butterchurn.
He yanked the laundry off the line
And caused the soup to burn.
He pinched the baby and scared the cat
And had the mostest fun.
And when his spree was over
He said, "That's a job well done!"

Mark Shapiro: The Wee Little Hobgoblin
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