We Use Himalayan Salt
as the base for our
All Natural
Herbal Bath Bombs!
Custom Created Herbal Remedies for use in the Shower, the Tub, or even in a Compress Solution!

Only the Finest Himalayan Salt mixed with Herbs, Spices, Fruits & Flowers Are Used!
All Natural Herbal Bath Bags Utilizing Herbal Remedies
For Your Tub or Shower!!

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Himalayan Bath Salt Mixed with
Natural Herbs for

Herbal Remedies in Your Tub

Himalayan Salt Benefits:

     Himalayan Crystal Salt is the purest salt available
and contains up to 84 minerals
and elements
that our skin and bodies need. Because of its
perfect crystalline
structure it can actually
 aid in healing certain diseases while keeping
you beautiful on the outside!

     There are many benefits you can get from a
Himalayan salt solution. The bath will make

your skin cleaner and smoother.  Additionally,
it has healing effects on foot/toenail fungus,

wounds, skin irritations, insect bites, acne,
or blisters.  It also serves as a therapy to

joint diseases such as rheumatism and
other arthritic conditions. 

It's great for achy feet and the
"Oh! I just hurt my back lifting the couch!"
kind of pain, too!


Herbal Bath Bags

(up to 5  baths)
$15 each

(2 Spices Per Bag)

Herbal Bath Bags
(up to 11 baths)

$25 each
(3 Spices Per Bag)

Brine Bag
Single Use Detox
(up to 22 baths)
$40 each
(4 spices
per bag)
Approximately 1 heaping tablespoon of spice goes into
each 2 .5 ounce single use bath bag. 

Perfect amount for homeopathic remedies. 
A single soaking, once weekly will give better and better
pain relief and skin conditioning.  The pain relieving properties
of the salt build in your system, penetrating deep into your
achy muscles, and with continued use will give you better
pain relief; better than a tylenol or a motrin!

Buy Some Today!

Just fill your tub, and drop the small bagful in,
and relax with a Hot Steamy Bath this evening!

Herbal Bath Bombs
In the Shower!?

Just stop up your shower drain, and let the water puddle up around your feet and ankles for a pain relieving foot treatment, WHILE YOU SHOWER!  It's multi-tasking!  You're wet already! No need to find a bin, or stress because you've forgotten the towel!

The herbs and spices intermingle with the steamy hot shower water for aroma therapy; and penetrate through your feet by way of reflexology for systemic benefits!

And, if that isn't enough -- you are soaking in the pain relieving properties of the Himalayan Salt! 6-7 minutes in, your feet feel better! Combats foot fungus, helps with that toenail that nobody likes to talk about, and gives a wonderful sense of well being.

Certainly, for all over pain relief, you would do better by soaking in a tub, but for a daily morning shower,
this is great!

You can also make a jug or vat of the "Salt-tea Solution" with your Herbal Bath Bag, for use in the shower, and dip your Natural Sea Sponge or washcloth into it for cleansing your skin, or to follow up your favorite soap for a skin conditioning treatment!
opical Pain Reducer or for Skin Repair
(Excellent for Tattoo Recovery)
You'll need:
* One clean, empty, gallon-sized milk jug
* A lint free wash cloth or hand towel
        (flour cloth works great)
* A single use bath bag with the
    salt & spice mixture of your choice
1.  Push the single use bag (filled with your salt and spice) down into the mouth of the jug and fill it with water.  (You can use tap water or filtered water at your discretion)

2.  Put the jug into the refrigerator and allow the salt and spice to steep for at least 24 hours.

3.  Pour a small amount of your salty-spicy solution over the washcloth/hand towel and place it in the microwave for about 20-30 seconds to heat it thoroughly. (You don't want the cloth drippy or sopping wet, just a nice amount of water to make the towel wet and heavy, works better.)
You may also put your Saturated Cloth into the Freezer for 20-30 minutes for an Icy Compress!

4.  Lay the wet cloth onto the affected area: knees; shoulder; lower back. Even on your face to help reduce acne!  Excellent for patchy Eczema or Psoriasis!  Choose "Derma Cleanse" for your tattoo compress!

5. Repeat as needed.
* * The salty spicy solution will last up to three weeks in the refrigerator.
You'll know by its look or even by smell if it is time to make another batch!

The Brine Bath - A Detox
For Molecular Energy Rejuvenation and Detoxification Cleansing Action

A Brine Bath is 2 pounds 10 ounces of Himalayan Salt , the purest salt on the planet, mixed with 30 gallons of bath water.  When fully dissolved the salt water concentration is equivalent to the salt water concentration within your system, making you one and the same with the water. 

     Your skin is the largest organ of your body and mirrors the condition of your intestines. The Brine water passes through your porous skin and into your system, drawing out the toxins from your entire system and essentially washing and diluting them with fresh salt water.

It's called the "Osmotic Process" -- like a radiator flush for your body!

     The bath water should be only warm enough to make you comfortable, but not hot.  Detoxification is stressful enough on your body and you do not want to cause extra stress by raising your body temperature and by using body-energy to balance its temperature. 

    Do not use any spices or essential oils in the Brine Bath, this will also increase the stress load and demand on your system.

     Stay in the Brine water for at least 30 minutes.  During that time you will gain the benefit of muscular pain relief, and come out feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.  Do not rinse the salt water off your skin, towel off, and then take a short rest, (15-30 minutes) to allow the full effect of the Brine Bath. 

     This will allow the minerals to continue penetrating even after you've left the tub.  The molecular energy and detoxification cleansing action of your system can be demanding on your body, so the rest period is imperative to this process.

Always consult your doctor before taking a brine bath If you suffer from poor circulation.

Pick from any of our Herbs, Spices, Fruits & Flowers

Read about what benefits are brought to your bath and then decide which you'd like to try!
See our Specialty Recipes Below!!

Anti- Inflammatory Properties
Fights Insomnia
Reduces Anxiety
Helps with Depression
Anti-Inflammatory Components
Antioxidant Benefits
Helps prevent Infections
Eases Join Discomfort
Anise Seed

Used for upset stomach
Reduces gas
A remedy for colds & flu
Specifically helps with cough
Aids skin conditions
Treats menstrual discomfort
Eases childbirth
Increases the sex-drive
Reduces insomnia

A mental stimulant
(both while sleeping and awake)
Stimulates your dreams
Acts as an aphrodisiac.

Relieves pain from:
-muscular injuries
-chronic & acute joint pain
-insect bites
-bee stings
Inhibits bacterial growth in open skin

Soothes away stress
Improves the mood
Stimulates the senses
Calming & relaxing, without sedating.  Antioxidant rich
Anti-inflammatory effects.

NOTE: It is not recommended to use during pregnancy, as it may stimulate labor and contractions.

Orange Peel

Soothes away stress
Refreshes the
Improves the mood
Stimulates the senses
Treats Headache
Reduces Anxiety
Helps with Depression
Potent Skin Cleanser
Reduces blemishes
Freshens the skin
Great morning bath

Lemon Peel

Lemon is invigorating
Helps with depression
It stimulates the brain
Strengthens focus
Eases wart discomfort
Rejuvenates the skin
Reduces acne
Helps clear the head during
a cold

Lemon Grass

Antiseptic properties
Suitable for use on skin infections Effective on ringworm & infected sores
Studies found lemongrass more effective against staph infection than either penicillin or streptomycin
Non-toxic, but may cause skin sensitivity in some people.


Assists the immune system
Reduces stress
Prevents stiff sore muscles
(after a workout)
Eases arthritic pain
Alleviates  joint discomfort
Reduces the itch from insect bites


Increases the elasticity
of your skin
Evens the skin tone
Reduces inflammation at skin's surface level
May help reduce blood pressure
Reduces the build up of fatty deposits in arteries.

Irish Moss

Re-hydrates the skin and leaves it feeling silky and smooth

Initiates healing
Reduces inflammation of skin
Stops itch and burn
Effective on severe skin disorders, including
-bad sunburns


Helps heal chapped skin

Tension headache relief
Revives memory
Combine with Irish Moss & Calendula for a healing bath for severely dry skin of other skin afflictions


Prevents dermatitis or skin inflammation in breast cancer patients during radiation therapy.


Used specifically to induce slumber in tea bags, it also works as a soothing and relaxing bath. 

Drop the bath bag right into the tub, or for more intense sedation, place the bath bag in 16 ounces of boiled water; allow to steep for 10 minutes.

Add the water & bag to
the tub.

Infants to adults to the
elderly can benefit from a
chamomile bath.

*Do not take sedatives simultaneously while using a chamomile bath.  Consult your doctor.

Raspberry Leaf
Skin Purification

For uterine health
Helps Painful Periods
Calms morning sickness
Eases labor and delivery
Anti-Oxidant effects
Aids vitamin deficiency
General purification of the skin and blood.
Rose Buds

Antiseptic properties
Soothes acne, rashes, sun & wind burn
Tightens pores & fights blemishes
Mildly sedating
Antidepressant qualities
Inhaled, helps the mind & soothes the body of anxiety
It helps balance the endocrine system
Helps PMS and Menopause
Helps alleviate cramping
Dispels mood swings

Stinging Nettle

Relaxes the Sciatic Nerve

Reduces Pain
Calms Anxiety
Reduces  Nervousness

Helps during Menopause
Alleviates Headache
Reduces Menstrual Swelling
Helps anemia with high
iron content

Rids the skin of imperfections
Helps acne, eczema, and cold sores
Pain Relief & Moisturizer
Anti-Inflammation, Anti-viral, & Anti-Bacterial properties.
Boosts energy levels
Reduces Anxiety
Lowers Stress
Restores skin's moisture & elasticity
Reduces the appearance of wrinkles and scars
Pain relief for:
Muscle discomfort
& Sprains
Relaxes Muscle Spasms

*not for use during pregnancy

Our Specialty Recipes
Scroll to the bottom to see the properties of all of the herbs, spices, fruits, and flowers!
The Peace Train
Balancing, Centering, Relaxation
Orange Peel Rose Buds

The Cooler
Joint Inflammation and Pain Reducer

Cinnamon Calendula Sage

*not for use during pregnancy

The Slumber Solution
Trouble Sleeping?

Lavender Sage Clove Chamomile

It's like Christmas in a Jar!
A Nighttime Pain Relieving Bath

Anise Seed Clove Cinnamon Allspice Orange Peel

*not for use during pregnancy

Flower Power
All 6 of Our Flowers for a Restful Bath

Hibiscus Rose Buds Calendula Chamomile Jasmine

*not for use during pregnancy
jasmine flower
*not for use during pregnancy

The Womanizer
All About the Ladies! -- Excellent PMS/Menopause Remedy  
Raspberry Leaf Rose Buds Spearmint Stinging Nettle

*not for use during pregnancy
Citrus Blast
A Great Rejuvenating Morning Bath!

Orange Peel   Lemon Peel Lemongrass
Magical Mystical Healing Bath
An Amazing Rewmedy for Severe Skin Afflictions
Irish Moss Spearmint Calendula

Derma Cleanse
Four Anti-Bacterial Purification Properties
Lemongrass Calendula Rose Buds 
Add Jasmine for a Fifth Antibacterial Ingredient!

Love Potion
Three Aphrodisiacs & Roses... You Can't Go Wrong!

Rose Buds Anise Seed Clove Jasmine
jasmine flower
*not for use during pregnancy
Dream On...
Stimulates the Brain, the Senses, & Your Dreams

Clove Cinnamon Orange Peel   Lemon Peel

*not for use during pregnancy

Ouch Ease
Our #1 Customer favorite for Amazing Pain Relief
Sage Stinging Nettle Calendula Allspice

Orange You Glad Your Headache's Gone?
Stinging Nettle
Orange Peel Spearmint


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Not Just Herbal Remedies!
We carry a complete line of self care goods made from Himalayan Salt!

Himalayan Salt Massage Ball

Only $20 each
(Directions for use below)

Where ever the Himalayan Salt Massage Ball reaches the bare skin, the natural body moisture absorbs the mineral rich salt, giving you a pain-relieving salt treatment AND a massage; right where it hurts the most! Let the weight and girth of the ball do the work for you!

Great for trigger point release!!  Loosens those stress knots!

You can put our Himalayan Salt Ball on the floor and do your own reflexology on your feet!

You control the pressure, you control the speed of the massage!

Replace that dirty old tennis ball with a wonderful salt treatment!

Since you do not use it with water, our salt ball that will last indefinitely!

(Directions for use below)

The Salt Cellar's 100% Pure Himalayan Salt
Massage Ball Directions for Use:

This salt ball is perfect for use on achy muscles.  Simply hold the ball in your hand and roll it around on the muscles at the affected area.  It makes giving a massage to your loved one less work for you!  It is great for pressure point massage, acupressure, and reflexology.  You control the pressure and speed of your massage.

For long lasting use, we recommend you do not use it with water.  The Himalayan Salt's 84 minerals and healing powers are absorbed into your skin by way of the natural body moisture; giving you additional benefits of joint and muscle relief and smoother skin. 

Roll the ball on the floor, under your feet, for a wonderful foot massage.  Release trigger points with increasing pressure.  Keep one in the car for foot massage on long trips, or back massage between you and the car seat back.

Never use with water to get the maximum life from your ball.
Store it in a plastic bag, or in a sealed container in humid conditions.
Do not leave it in the bathroom, the kitchen, or near a sink.


Put the Himalayan Salt ball on the oven rack and heat for 5-6 minutes at 150-200 for a hot ball massage. To avoid burns, be sure you are able to handle the ball for approximately 10 seconds before applying it to your skin!! You can also use a heating pad for 15 minutes and it will be the perfect temperature!

Put the Himalayan Salt ball into your pocket, or on your lap, for about 20-30 minutes before you begin. It will absorb your body heat and energy for a shock-free massage.

Keep the salt ball in the freezer overnight and between uses.  Swollen painful muscles respond well to ice, as an anti-inflammatory; and it will be an invigorating refreshing feeling.  Excellent for Aching Feet!

Buy one for your freezer, and one for the shelf!

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Himalayan Salt
Shower Bar

Great for use in the shower! 
Use a wet washcloth to create a salty cloth, instead of a soapy cloth, for cleansing & skin conditioning. 
You can use it instead of soap to clean
your skin, or as a followup to your
favorite soap bar.

It doesn't give you  quite the same effect for aches & pains as if you soak in the tub -- when you use it in the shower,
but, there is still some pain relief, even if used in the shower!

$15.00 each
Using this salt bar directly on your skin could cause microscopic cuts and then put salt into your teeny tiny wounds that could burn and sting.  Eventually the stinging will stop and your skin will feel refreshed and new.  It is somewhat like a chemical peel for refreshing skin.  Don't say I didn't warn you about the possibility of pain involved in using it directly on the skin.... I've done it, and to avoid ANY risk of scratching, I don't recommend it. To be quite honest, I use it directly on my skin often.  Nearly every time I shower.  It's not so bad.  If you can take it, it's a great way to get rid of those dead skin layers... If a sharp "nub" appears while using the shower bar, simply scratch it off, or use an emery board to file it down.   To avoid any risk of scratching, though, using the cloth, is much safer and a potentially less painful way to avoid irritating to the skin.

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Click here to eMail me to make your order!

Please consult your medical care provider before using any herbal remedy; particularly if you have a known medical condition, or if you are pregnant or nursing. You are responsible for your own health. As with conventional medicine, herbal medicine is vast and complex and must be used responsibly.
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The products offered on this website are not intended to treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease.  Use our remedies as per instructions and always watch for allergic reactions.  You should always consult your physician or health care provider before using any herbal products, especially if you have a medical problem.

Actual Efficacy of The Salt Cellar's Herbal Remedies for the Tub and Shower, has not been proven. Through personal research and study, as well as personal use, these remedies may bring the benefits described to those who choose to use them in the manner in which they are intended.

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All ingredients used in the bath bag remedies are Food Grade and of Plant Origin. All ingredients are classified as GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) No Synthetics What-so-ever, No Dyes, No Perfumes, No additives at all.  We use, simply: Herbs, Spices, Fruits, or Flowers and Himalayan Salt.

Please visit this FDA Website to clear any confusion you may have with regard to cosmetics and their ingredients



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