Faeries from the Swamp by Antoine

       Having been an artist all my life, it was inevitable that I would start sculpting.  It wasn’t until early 2002, however, that I tried polymer clays.

      I fell instantly in love with the medium, and started to make little figurines.  My very first completed faerie was a fat naked man who resembled an uncle of mine. In the beginning I made many little fat men and boys but soon evolved to very thin faeries.

     Presently my faeries range in size from 3” to about 5” seated.  Each is a one of a kind  (OOAK) sculpture created over a wire armature for added strength and durability.

    Most have wings, but some do not.  Each somehow resembles either someone I know or have seen before.  It is a welcomed oddity to me, to see who the next one turns out to be! Although there are thematic similarities, each of them is an individual, never to be recreated.  

       My faeries are whimsical beauties awaiting a new home.  Take one in, and revel in the mystical magical world!


Each of the Faeries by Antoine is Hand Sculpted from polymer clay without the use of any molds.  Great attention to detail is taken, giving each of her creations a realistic, yet whimsical, look and appeal. 

Some of her creations are in a natural setting, others stand alone.

Facial features are hand painted in acrylics. Natural and synthetic accouterments are used as embellishments.  Yearling Mohair (hand dyed by Antoine) or synthetic “mod-acrylic” hair is used on each faerie. Their attire is made from leathers, silk  flower petals, and synthetic and natural fabrics.
Wings are made of a special translucent and flexible material that is posable and non-breaking.  At times other materials are used to make the wings, but her signature wings are most often used.  She has also written and printed a Full-Color 13 page booklet on how to make her special Faerie Wings, and currently offers this booklet for sale through my website. 

Booklets are available at this link  through the website
and by eMail request.

Thank you for your interest!

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