Punkin Head

Punkin Head came to me a few days ago-- The idea of him carving his own face was something I don't think I've ever seen.  In the pursuit of originality at all times, I give you Punkin Head.

Sculpted from polymer clay, this pumpkin is a hollow "shell" that fits over the "neck" of the sculpture.
With posable arms and legs, he is able to be positioned in many ways.  Punkin stands at approximately a foot tall.

All visible skin parts have been hand sculpted as well.  No molds were used to create him.

Hi attire is 100% cotton.

Punkin Head's head and the other pumpkins of the diarama were painted with fine acrylics.
Punkin Head, and the pumpkins and leaves are all free standing and multi-positional.

His feet are intentionally dirty to appear as if he's just come from the garden.

The pumpkins are hand sculpted one of a kind pieces.  The pumpkin leaves are silk leaves, cut into shape and then coated with translucent liquid sculpey for a durable and lasting effect.

Thanks for looking!